Cake Smash Photo Session ~
Arizona Family Photographer

Meet Maddison. She’s ONE!

I had so much fun photographing Maddison’s cake smash photo session! I’m not sure if I’ve ever photographed such an enthusiastic one year old before. It seems like every thing we did, Maddison was on the verge of bursting with excitement!

Part of the fun of photographing in a client’s home is being able to capture “a day in the life” type of images. Maddison’s mom, Alyssa, is a teacher and it is obvious this little bookworm has already developed a love for books!

I love being brought into the world of a little one. One minute their showing me their newfound skill of climbing into a chair with no help and then move on to showing me their favorite toy. (At least for that hour!)

As we moved outside to take some pics of Maddison’s cake smash event, I was able to capture a few images of her dad, Austin, playing with their sweet dog. Oh my goodness… this dog can JUMP! (She reminded me of Tigger in Winnie the Pooh!)

Happy Birthday, sweet Maddison! Your enthusiasm and joyful spirit are contagious!



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