Basha High School Senior Photos

Meet Morgan.

She is a true beauty – both inside and out! I’ve known Morgan since she was a little girl and was so excited to take her Basha High School Senior Photos!

Morgan loves to sing and play her guitar. She is a creative soul and enjoys writing music as well. Morgan is starting college this summer at the Phoenix Art Institute and plans on pursuing her BA in architecture and design.

I love Morgan’s Bohemian style and her captivating smile. That beautiful smile truly comes from her love for the Lord, her family, and life itself! Even in times of adversity, she continues to radiate amazing love.

This has been an incredibly challenging year for Morgan and her family as they’ve had to navigate down a path they never dreamed of going. Last July Morgan’s dad, Dan, was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix for a ruptured BA specifically a subarachnoid hemorrhagic at age 37. He was a Grade 5 on the Hunt and Hess scale, with a 10% chance of survival. He was not expected to make it through the night. Through months of hospitalization, surgeries and endless prayer, Dan is finally home with all of his girls. Although the path ahead of them is a steep one, Morgan’s family is grateful for every day and every moment they get to be with Dan.

One of the many challenges that have come into their lives is transportation for Dan. Numerous family, friends and people they don’t even know have been rallying together to help raise money for a van outfitted to fit Dan’s needs for his wheelchair, etc. There have been lemonade stands, garage sales, even saving money from ordering water instead of soda when eating out! So far there has been $2,734 of the $20,000 raised. If you would like to bless Morgan’s family in such a needed and tangible way, you can make any size donation in the form of a check at a local CHASE Bank into account #3608832672. (Make payable to Deana Ryder w/ “Dan’s Van” in the memo line.) Thanks!

Before Morgan’s dad’s BA, she and her dad had made a pact that they were going to get a tattoo together when she turned 18. Morgan still kept her word and got her dad’s name tattooed in Hebrew on the back of her neck as well as his birthday by her collarbone.

I know I repeat myself when I say what an incredible blessing it is to photograph the same family over the years but here is a perfect example of such a privilege! The side-by-side photos at the end of Morgan’s pics show her 10 years ago when she was 8 years old!  {love,love,love!}

Congratulations, Morgan! What a joy it’s been to see you grow up and watch you learn to navigate life’s hard waters with such grace, love and a servant’s heart! God truly has a plan and a purpose for you life





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