The Royal Wedding Dress… maybe there’s still hope for me!

I was watching the coverage of the Royal Wedding this morning (along with millions of others!), and I found all of the comments about Catherine’s wedding dress both interesting and amusing.

Along with all of the well deserving accolades of how beautiful she looked in the dress, was the prediction of a new trend/craze that will evolve over the style of her gown. With so many wedding dresses being sleeveless, they predicted there will be a resurgence of lace covered sleeves like that of Catherine’s.

As I listened to all of the fanfare about the style of her dress and how it will start a whole new trend, I had to chuckle at the thought that maybe I actually had some fashion sense after all! I realized the wedding dress I wore (27 years ago in May), was very similar to the design as the Royal Wedding Dress!

As many of my close friends know, I somehow missed this gene when it comes to fashion! I am a total jeans and sweatshirt girl at heart and just want to be cozy and comfortable!

So here’s to the hope that I might not be a lost cause after all!

**One more thing the new Duchess and I have in common… we both married a prince!


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