Think four:eight {day 14}

I would like you to meet a very special little girl. Her name is Kourtny. She is a beautiful treasure and her life story overflows with the essence of Philippians 4:8.

Kourtny was abandoned as an infant on a street corner in China. In the story of Kourtny’s adoption, her mother, Coleen, writes:

“In her little world, her identity was stuck – orphan. Her story was what it had always been – abandoned. Even her last name was the name of the orphanage – intended to mark her for life.”

But God had another identity for Kourtny! Just as He pursues us, longing to give us a new identity, adopting us as His own… He had already set in motion a divine pursuit placed in the hearts of the Nolan family!

Although I would love to tell the rest of Kourtny’s beautiful adoption story, I wanted to share a more recent story about Kourtny. However, if you would like to read more about Kourtny’s adoption, please visit the family’s blog: six chairs at the table.

I recently asked Coleen how Kourtny felt about being adopted. I was just curious how she processed everything and if she was able to talk openly about being adopted. Well, her mom proceeded to share with me the most precious story that sums up how Kourtny feels about being adopted! I asked Coleen if she would share the story in her own words:

“Our Kourtny is truly a miracle of God’s grace. Daily she is a living testimony to the power of His love to transform a life. One of the most amazing things about this little girl is her confidence in telling her own adoption story from her precious five year old perspective. She never ceases to challenge all of us to keep in the fore of our minds the many waiting children who long for a forever family.

When she was only four, she was in my arms waiting to order sandwiches in a mighty crowded Subway. A woman looked at her and then at me and said, “She is just so beautiful.” As I was about to reply, Kourtny jumped right in by declaring: Do you know why I’m pretty? Do you really know why? It is because I have Jesus in my heart. And do you know what else? I’m pretty because I was adopted and I have a Mommy and a Daddy and sisters who love me so much and tell me all about Jesus! It’s all of that love that makes me pretty!

Kourtny realized that every eye was on her and every ear was tuned into her voice. So, of course, she continued at an ever increasing volume: Do you know that there are lots and lots of other kids who don’t have Moms and Dads yet? They are waiting to be adopted. You should all really think about getting more kids for your family. Then they could be loved and they would be pretty, too. And you people would all be really happy for that to happen, wouldn’t you?

And silence settled in the sandwich shop. And Kourtny whispered in my ear. “I gotta keep telling the people about all the kids, don’t I, Mom?”

Now you know why I introduced Kourtny as a beautiful treasure! I feel so privileged to know Kourtny and her family. The love and passion they have for orphans runs as deep as the ocean and is as unstoppable as the tide!

Next week, Coleen and her daughter, Karly, will leave for another trip to Guatemala to meet up with others from Orphan Outreach. They will be packing their bags with goodies to love on and to share with so many children who have so little.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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