2014 World Series
as seen through my lens

Memories to last a lifetime. That’s what I got to take away form the incredible privilege of seeing three of the 2014 World Series games in San Francisco!

Along with my husband, Neil, and son, Parker, I was beyond thrilled to attend games 3, 4 & 5 of the series. Upon walking into the entrance of Game 3, I knew I would never find the right words to adequately describe the atmosphere of AT&T Park as our San Francisco Giants prepared to take on the Kansas City Royals. It was beyond electric!

Having taken an amazing photography workshop in Jackson Hole, WY right before my trip to the World Series, I was challenged by one of my sessions on photojournalism to try and tell the story through my lens. Being a portrait photographer, that is definitely not foreign to me as I am continually focused on telling the story of my clients. But my comfort zone remains in the fact that they are hiring me to tell their story. I have been invited into their lives.

Normally, in my personal life when I’m traveling or capturing an event, I will be certain to capture friends and family along with all of the small details to help tell the story. However, I have always been a little gun shy when it comes to photographing complete strangers.

Well, I decided to put on my big girl pants and give it a try! From the get go, I kept asking myself how could I use my camera to try and convey the atmosphere and emotion of these games to someone who wasn’t here.

In doing so, I had so much fun capturing the crazy, over-the-top fans as they exploded with endless enthusiasm. I became more and more brave in approaching these strangers that felt like friends, asking them if I could take their pictures. In doing so, I was rewarded with much more than a snapshot. More times than not, I heard wonderful stories of life-long traditions such as the rally section that was given packs of sunflower seeds to shake in unison or the Bleacher Babes that have been attending Giant’s games together for decades!

Welcome to my little corner of games 3, 4 & 5 of the 2014 World Series… as seen through my lens!

Oh… and way to win it Giants!

2010, 2012, 2014… maybe we can look at another victory in 2015! (Patterns aren’t everything!)



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