It is my delight to have the privilege to offer you a photography session that I am certain will result in a timeless source of joy to you and to those you love. To capture the beautiful, the messy, and the unexpected joys of life is my passion. I offer lifestyle portrait sessions in your home, outdoors or in my studio.

Your images will be given to you on a USB drive which allows you the freedom to print as many copies you want in the sizes that you choose. The possibilities are endless... gift-giving, uploading to blogs and social networking sites, scrapbooking and covering your walls with clusters of treasured prints. No additional purchase is ever required.


An amazing gift.

I always feel so humbled when I am invited to share in such an incredible celebration... the arrival of your baby.

Because we want to capture this fleeting moment in time... I recommend scheduling your newborn's session within the first two weeks. Preferably around 5-10 days when your baby is still nice and sleepy. Your session can be held in your home or in my studio.


There's no one like you.

I love the opportunity to be the one who gets to show the world just how unique and how fabulous you are!

Are you an extrovert, introvert, animal-lover, sports fanatic, book worm, helpless romantic, rocker, all things organic... or a little bit of everything? I want to capture every unique quality about you... creating your own personal art that tells your story. Art you can look back on during this momentous occasion in your life!


Your first impression.
Your business.
Your career.
Your present. Your future.
The right photographer knows that your photo session is a time set aside just for you.

I'm determined to give your business the professional look that draws clients to you.
I'm committed to creating top quality corporate and executive headshots, an indispensable element in marketing your business... in brochures, business cards, publications, trade journals, press releases and websites.