Best Day Ever
A Disneyland Proposal

It truly was the best day ever for a Disneyland proposal, especially when it meant we were gaining a new daughter to our family!

Our son had been planning a trip to Disneyland for months with his girlfriend, Kaitlyn, his brother and several of their close friends. Little did Kaitlyn know that Tanner was going to propose to her and had already met with her parents to ask her hand in marriage. Kaitlyn also had no idea that her parents and Neil and I were going to be there as well. We had our precious granddaughter, Adair, with us to make everything even sweeter! When the time was right, Tanner led Kaitlyn over to Snow White’s wishing well to pop the big question. Neil and I were hiding in the adjacent tunnel. Armed with my 70-200m lens, I was in perfect alignment to photograph the big event. I imagined this is what it must feels like to be paparazzi!

Because it was in the middle of the day and bright as can be, I texted Tanner before they arrived to tell him there was a nice little shady spot on the side of the well! The timing was absolutely perfect as Sleeping Beauty was occupying that same spot for quite a while but as soon as they approached the well, they moved on and there was no one else in sight… or at least in the picture frame!

Kaitlyn was genuinely surprised and there were lots of hugs and laughter to follow! The girls staying in Kaitlyn’s room told us when she came out in the morning with her t-shirt saying “Best Day Ever”, they could hardly contain themselves. Little did she know how appropriate that shirt would be! Later that night, we had a wonderful dinner together and our friend, Gabby, even made adorable little Mickey and Minnie cookies to celebrate!

When we returned to Arizona, we had the joy of being the guests of Kaitlyn’s family to celebrate their engagement. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of such an incredible family!

Tanner met Kaitlyn while she was attending Arizona Academy of Emergency Services. As a certified paramedic, Tanner was teaching at the school and Kaitlyn was enrolled in a different EMT program. As soon as she finished her program, Tanner couldn’t wait to ask her out. Kaitlyn is now finishing up her paramedic program and Tanner is completing his final year in pre-med at ASU.

What a joy it was to capture our son asking the girl of his dreams to spend the rest of their lives together! Of course we have to add… happily ever after!

(Neil and I had such a special time with our granddaughter so of course, I have to sneak in a couple pictures of her at the Disney breakfast and playing in the water!)



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