Desert Ridge High Senior Photos

Meet Christopher.

Christopher is 18 years old and will be be part of the 2015 Desert Ridge High School graduating class in May. He has joined the Navy and will be leaving in June for his service as Master at Arms. He is interested in criminal justice and likes to hang out with his two greatest companions, his dogs!

I was really looking forward to taking Christopher’s Desert Ridge High Senior Photos as I had taken his brother Eric’s senior photos a few years back!

It was so fun walking around downtown Gilbert with Christopher and his mom as we looked for some good spots to take pics. Christopher is super tall (and I’m super short!) so it was a little tricky at times trying to find just the right angle to photograph him. (So glad I brought my step ladder with me!)

It was such a pleasure photographing Christopher for his Mini Premiere Senior Session! He is such a great young man and I’m excited for all that lies ahead for him as he sacrificially serves our country.

Congratulations, Christopher!



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