Evan ~
Catalina Foothills Senior Photos

Meet Evan.

Evan is graduating from Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson, Arizona. He has been active in marching band and wind ensemble playing the clarinet. He loves to travel, scuba dive, and recently became hooked on Cross Fit. He loves clothes and cars and hanging out with his friends. Evan is super excited to attend Texas Christian University and major in pre-business this fall.

My husband and I have known Evan’s dad, Ted, since elementary school and have had the joy of knowing Evan’s mom, Shannon, for the past 25 years! So you can imagine what a trip it is to be photographing their youngest’s senior photos!

I’ve had the privilege of photographing Evan’s family over the years and ever since I photographed his sister Emily’s senior photos in Kentucky, I have been eagerly waiting the past four years for Evan’s turn in the spotlight!

Evan and his parents came up from Tucson for his session allowing us to photograph at the beautiful Kierland & Arizona Palms Resort and Spa. What an amazing backdrop! Evan was a dream to photograph as he loves clothes and brought lots of fun outfits to pick from! He also brought along his super cool car! Evan’s passion for cars comes from a long lineage of car lovers when the young Chapman family moved out to Arizona from Mississippi to start Chapman Chevrolet 50 years ago.

I truly can’t begin to express how much fun I had working with Evan! He was such a gentleman to everyone he came across… so mature and so respectful. He was a breeze to photograph and contributed to some great posing ideas which made his session such a blast!

Congratulations on your numerous accomplishments thus far and finishing out your high school years with excellence, Evan. You are full of so much potential and I’m expecting to hear great things in your future!

{Be sure to check out his fun video at the end of the post!}

Catalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-PhotosCatalina Foothills Senior PhotosCatalina-Foothills-Senior-Photos


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