First Place Win – Arizona Family Photographer

I am so excited to share that my newborn image of Adair entitled “Beautiful, Beautiful Baby” recently won First Place in the September photography contest sponsored by BetterPhoto!

More than 6,800 entries were submitted to BetterPhoto’s online photography contest, which attracted contestants from around the world and featured 10 separate categories. I have been a part of this wonderful online community since I started my photography business 8 years ago. I have been so blessed to have received numerous honorable mentions and even a second place win, but this is my first time receiving First Place! Of course, to my utmost delight, it’s with our beautiful granddaughter, Adair!

If you are a photographer, either a hobbyist or budding professional, I strongly encourage you to join an online photography community. It is a wonderful place to be inspired as well as receive valuable feedback from fellow photographers. I have taken some of the online courses offered at BetterPhoto over the years and have been so impressed with the whole experience!

Belonging to an online community and taking classes also provides a great benchmark as to how your work is progressing. Even though I still have so much to learn as a photographer, I look back at some of my early work and, well frankly… cringe! Oh my goodness! And to think at the time I was feeling pretty excited about how some of my images were turning out!

Thanks for letting me share my exciting news! I give all the glory to my Savior and Lord, for it is He that has given me the privilege to photograph His amazing creation!

Here’s a link to “Beautiful, Beautiful Baby” online!

First Place Win Jennifer Jones Photography



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