One Brave Heart
a year with type 1 diabetes

One brave heart.

This is what’s beating inside this beautiful little girl… one brave heart. Grace was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago at the age of 5.  Life completely changed for her and her family as she suddenly needed shots of insulin every time she ate anything.  She has endured hundreds of injections and finger pokes this year and her family is so proud of her! She now wears two devices, one to help monitor her blood sugar and one is an insulin pump which makes it much easier to deliver insulin.

I was over at Grace’s house last year photographing her little brother Levi’s newborn pics when she had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My heart was so heavy for Tory and Jenny as they were trying to process and learn everything they needed to take care of their precious daughter, all the while caring for their newborn baby.

When it was time for Levi’s first year cake smash session, Grace’s mom, Jenny, wanted me to take some pictures of Grace to capture and celebrate her beautiful daughter, a princess of the most High King! Grace is truly is thriving!

Grace got to dress up in her pretty party dress and enjoy eating her very own little cake. I included an image of Jenny giving her the insulin she needed for her celebration cupcake via her insulin pump. It’s all done through her iPhone and the devices Grace wears. Amazing!

I am so proud of you Grace for being so brave and for being such a champion! There are so many people that love you and are praying for you as you navigate through all of this… including me! xoxo

(Just for fun… here is Grace’s first birthday cake smash photo session! Amazing how time passes by!)

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