Shawn & Candi {ASU Chi Alpha Campus Pastors}

This beautiful family has graced my Blog many times over throughout the years!  I am always so delighted to capture their kids growing up right before my… lens!

One of the benefits of photographing the same children over time is they look at the photo session as “play” as opposed to being fearful of the “unknown lady behind the lens”! (And trust me, I never want to be THAT lady!)

Shawn and Candi are the Campus Pastors for ASU Chi Alpha Ministries. As I’ve shared before, all three of our kids have been so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of college students. Our two boys are still actively involved with ASU Chi Alpha and are continuing to connect and form life long friendships.

To give you a better sense of what Chi Alpha is, here is and excerpt from their website:

“Chi Alpha is… a family… a community… a home away from home… a place to investigate truth… a group of people passionate about Jesus.

The easy way to describe Chi Alpha would be to say that it’s a Christian “club” that meets once a week on Wednesdays- but we’re a lot more that that.

We’re the friend who will pick you up at the airport or come get you when you run out of gas. We’re the friend that is going to laugh with you until 3am. Midnight hike to watch shooting stars? We’re down.

If you have questions about faith, Jesus or the Bible we’re going to find the answer with you. If you don’t- we still want to hang out. Looking for meaningful conversations and prayer? Done & done.

Life can be messy and complicated- we find authentic community is the best remedy. When God puts a big dream on your heart- we put on the pom poms and become your #1 cheerleader. We’re the coach that wants to get you ready for life- and we think you’re ready to go for the big game.

Some say Chi Alpha is not for the faint of heart- why don’t you come see for yourself?”

I don’t know about you, but I would have LOVED to have been a part of this type of community when I was at ASU! If you have (or know of) an ASU student who would benefit form a positive, connected community, I strongly urge you to let them know about all the great things happening at ASU Chi Alpha!

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OK… is this the cutest little guy ever? I just love those big, beautiful, soulful eyes! (Watch out girls!)

ASU Chi Alpha


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