~Sweet Anna~

I had the privilege of taking Anna’s pictures in September. We had so much fun with her mom, Dawna, as Anna played with her dogs and played around with some of her favorite outfits!

If you’re not familiar with Anna’s story, you can learn more here.

~Anna’s Minute~

As Anna and her family are battling this cancer, our church and people from all over the world are committing to pray for Anna daily at noon, Arizona time.  We are specifically praying for her relief from pain and especially for her complete miraculous healing from this cancer.

If you would like to participate in Anna’s Minute and would like to receive a daily text message at noon to remind you of your commitment to pray for her please send a text to 411247 and in the body of the text message type the word Anna.  Shortly after you press “send” you will receive a text message back confirming your text message.

Thank you!


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