The Face of Love
Down Syndrome Newborn Photo Session

The Face of Love.

There’s no better away to describe my recent newborn photo session with sweet Oliver James. Oliver was born on June 4th in Omaha, Nebraska. Oliver has Down Syndrome and he is truly the Face of Love!

I was so blessed to be able to take some maternity pictures of Oliver’s mom, dad and big sister when they were visiting here in Arizona last February. (Please be sure to read the maternity post about the beautiful journey this family began when they discovered Oliver had Down Syndrome.)

I was out of the country when Oliver decided to make his grand entrance ahead of schedule! When I was able to make it out to Omaha, he was already three weeks old. Normally, I like to photograph newborns within the first 10 days of their birth when they’re still nice and sleepy. Mr. Oliver was such a trooper and was a little champion when it came to his newborn photo session!

It was so much fun photographing in my cousin’s home as it was like walking through the pages of Pinterest! Every area we photographed was filled with wonderful textures, colors, lines and patterns! The reclaimed LOVE sign in their living room was the perfect element of design as it truly spoke of a home that was filled with abundant love! I also loved being able to capture life’s little moments that tell a story. Such as their tiny little dog, Presley, who was determined to get cozy on every pillow and blanket we used as well as photo bombing certain images as if to say… “Am I being replaced?”

Before I get to some of my favorite images from Oliver’s newborn photo session, I have to rave about his big sister, Graycie! Graycie is 8 years old… going on 25! Of course I mean that in a complimentary way as although she is still a little girl through and through, her care of Oliver is beyond her years! I don’t think I have ever met a child who was so comfortable and such a natural being around a newborn. (Heaven knows much more than I was when I had my daughter!) I think being able to capture the special bond Graycie has for her new little brother was my favorite part of their session.

Congratulations, Jeff, Jessica and Graycie! I love the love you have for your new son. The love that spoke to that special little boy inside your belly, saying, “God has a special plan for you!” And truly he does!

(Be sure to watch the video at the end of the post! There were so many special images… I couldn’t share them all here!)


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Ok… here are a few “bloopers”. The series of pics below occurred when we were finishing the family part of the session. Jessica’s mom, Jane (my cousin), was holding the reflector and commented that the sound machine we had on for Oliver was really making her need to go the bathroom. Well, that was it. Combine lack of sleep resulting in extreme fatigue and Jessica just lost it. It’s not just that she lost it, it’s the hilarious reaction that Jeff and Graycie had!


This “blooper” is brought to you by Mr. Oliver who obviously did not think his adorable, multi-colored hat slipping over his eyes was a laughing matter!Down_Syndrome_Newborn_Photos_98


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