Welcome, Baby Cole
Arizona Newborn Photographer

Welcome, baby Cole! We are so glad you decided to make your grand appearance on September 13th at 7:17 p.m.! Weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches long… you’ve stole the heart of your mommy, daddy and your big sister, Ember!

I was so excited when Cole’s mom, Cassandra, contacted me several months ago to schedule a Premiere Newborn Session. Cassandra and my daughter were best friends in high school. (Along with their other best friend, Marilyn!) All three girls already have one child and are now on their second… which happen to be all baby boys! You can only imagine what a joy and honor it was to be asked to be Cole’s newborn photographer!

Cole was six days new when we had his session. He was an absolute angel! We only had one hilarious “naked newborn moment” when Cassandra was holding Cole face to face, cradled in her arms. All of the sudden, we heard what sounded like a sprinkler hitting the floor! Sure enough, Cole managed to tinkle in a perfect arc over his shoulder and on to the floor. For your amusement, I’ve included his target practice pic along with his mommy’s adorable reaction below!

I also had the privilege of meeting Cole’s daddy, Bobby, and his big sister for the first time. Ember is almost three years old and was so much fun to photograph! She loves being in front of the camera and followed directions like a pro. Those big beautiful eyes, gorgeous eyelashes and captivating smile stole my heart!

Congratulations, Bobby and Cassandra! I loved my time with you and your sweet family. I look forward to watching your beautiful children grow!

(Be sure to watch their video at the end of the post!)





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