A Fabulous First BIrthday Party ~ Swayze Style!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to photograph this fabulous first birthday party! When my friend Kacey, of Kacey Luvi Photography, asked me if I would photograph her daughter, Swayze’s, first birthday party… I JUMPED at the opportunity!

Kacey is an amazingly gifted photographer (along with being gifted in a gazillion other things!) and I knew from one creative soul to another… this party would abound with creativity and FUN!

Swayze’s party was a menagerie of farm animals, pony rides, sweet treats, girly-girl pink glitz and most importantly… LOVE!  Joy and laughter was bountiful amongst family and friends, making my job a piece of cake! (No pun intended!)

The petting zoo was provided by a fabulous company, Carter’s Farm Mobile Petting Zoo & Ponies, located in Queen Creek, AZ. Their petting zoos always include one Petting Zoo Wrangler (too cute), famous picket fence corral, a bucket of brushes for grooming, a hand-sanitizing station with waterless hand-sanitizers, and an easy-up tent, if shade is needed. I was thoroughly impressed at the whole set up and especially with the Petting Zoo Wrangler! He was so kind and courteous to all of the guests, both young and old. I think one of my favorite moments was watching the Petting Zoo Wrangler single-handedly transition all of the farm animals from  corral to trailer using only a bucket of feed and what must have been a little bit of  “animal whispering”. These tactics worked on just about all of the animals… give or take a wandering baby calf! This little guy took a little extra coaxing but finally ended up with the rest of the gang!

As a photographer, I know how important it was for Kacey to be able to capture such a special occasion in their family’s life. AND, as a photographer, I know what it would have been like if Kacey tried to be the one capturing all of these precious moments. She would have been behind the camera… taking the moments, not necessarily making the moments. Having another photographer there to solely be the one responsible for capturing her daughter’s first birthday party freed Kacey up to be the mom, the wife, the daughter, the friend… to just be herself.

Of course you don’t have to be a professional photographer to recognize the importance of capturing life’s momentous occasions, but recognizing when a little help is needed can be the difference of being occupied rather than being in the moment.

There’s no doubt your future holds countless special occasions, and it would be my pleasure to capture each moment for you to treasure for years to come!

If you just can’t get enough adorable kids, baby animals, girly glitz and giggles… be sure to watch the fun video below!


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