Spring Baseball
Arizona Family Photographer

It was such a joy to have the opportunity to photograph my cousin and his boys while they were here in Arizona for some spring baseball! My cousin, Jeff, is the Assistant Pitching Coordinator in the Texas Rangers organization and was already in Arizona for spring training. His two boys, Nick & Alex, were here playing in a baseball tournament with their Edmond, Oklahoma high school team, Santa Fe High.

My family was so delighted to have all three guys here at the same time especially since we haven’t seen the boys since they were little! The only thing that would have been better is if Reva, Jeff’s wife and the boys’ mom, could have made it out, too!

I was able to grab a couple shots of the guys in their uniforms before the game began. Jeff said it was the first time they’ve ever had a picture of all of them together with their uniforms! Nick is a senior and is graduating this month, so it makes it even more special! Ideally, as a photographer, I would have opted for a more cooperative lighting situation than bright noon sun, but sometimes you just have to work with what you get and focus on creating special memories!

Both of the boys pitch (obviously!) and play other positions as well. Unfortunately, Nick had just undergone knee surgery prior to coming out to Arizona so he wasn’t able to play during this tournament.

Because Jeff’s job entails a lot of traveling, it’s truly a special event when he gets to see his boys play ball. I loved capturing Jeff as he watched the team play. You can definitely see a mix of both coach and dad looking on!

Our family LOVES baseball… especially when it involves those we love!

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