Sweet Baby Kenley Arizona Family Photographer

I’d like you to meet sweet baby Kenley and her amazing mom and dad! Ryan and Chellie are the leaders for the College and Career Ministry at Calvary Chapel Anaheim. A few weeks ago, this sweet little family brought over a team from California to help with our church’s Vacation Bible School. Let me tell you, these young adults were absolutely incredible! They served all the kids attending VBS with such enthusiasm and love.

After working hard all week, Neil & I were honored to host a dinner in our home to thank this awesome team. Since there was an adorable cute 2 month old involved, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures in my studio while they were here!

Kenley is two months old and looks just like a real, live baby doll! Those cheeks and lips are so kissable!

I was truly impressed with how Chellie, a first time momma, seemed so at ease with traveling and serving all of our VBS kids with a new baby. Of course, she also had lots of cuddlers from their College and Career group helping out!

Thanks so much Ryan, Chelle, and your team for all your help! It was such a joy and honor getting to know all of you!

Sweet Baby KenleySweet Baby KenleySweet Baby KenleySweet Baby KenleySweet Baby KenleySweet Baby KenleySweet Baby Kenley


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