Horizon Honors Senior Photos

Meet Zachary.

I had the honor of taking Zachary’s Horizon Honors senior photos last week and loved every minute! Zachary’s Premiere Senior Session was so much fun as we were able incorporate his love of baseball into his shoot.

Zachary played baseball for his high school all four years and enjoyed playing catcher, middle infield and 1st base. He has been chosen to play in the Dominican Republic this summer and is looking forward to a great experience.

As we were talking shop (baseball, not photography!), I learned that Zachary’s favorite pro team was none other than the San Francisco Giants! I knew there was something really special about this young man the minute I met him!!

Actually, his love of the Giants is just a little part that makes him so special! As our session progressed, it was evident Zachary exhibited so many wonderful qualities and character traits that sometimes seem amiss these days in our younger culture. Such a breath of fresh air!

Zachary’s mom was out of town the day of his session so it was such a delight to have his dad come and help. His dad is the Head Varsity Baseball Coach at Horizon Honors and was fortunate to be able to coach Zachary. I’m so glad I was able to sneak in a shot of them together at the end of Zachary’s session to capture this special time in their lives. You gotta love the “take a knee” pose they came up with! Perfect!

Zachary is heading to the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in the fall to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have no doubt he is going to go far!

Congratulations, Zachary! It was such an honor to work with you!



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